Surprise Eggs Toys Video Reviews

Surprise Eggs Toys Reviews

It is a Surprise Eggs fun! There are so many eggs with a surprise! Open an egg until find out what the surprise is hidden in egg!
What is hidden inside the eggs? There are so many toys, like Princess and other cartoon and movie characters like spiderman, avengers, iron man, lego and more.

Who like to open surprise eggs? This is the perfect game for you.

Surprise Eggs is entertaining game for children combining a chocolate egg, surprise, toy and fun.

There are different type of surprise eggs:

- Kinder Surprise
- Kinder Joy
- Lightning McQueen
- Spiderman

How to play: 

- Choose the egg you want to open
- Use your fingers to scrape the paper from the egg and to break the chocolate egg
- Tap the egg capsule to get to the surprise

Join the fun and play Surprise Eggs adventure! 

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