Play-Doh Party Bag Dough, 15 Count (assorted colors) Customer Reviews

Play-Doh Party Bag Dough

Bag full of 15 colorful cans of PLAY-DOH modeling compound is perfect for party favors and school gifts! Bag contains 15 one-ounce cans of PLAY-DOH brand modeling compound. Affix stickers to container top for quick festive party favor! Share the fun and share the creativity with this Party Bag full of 15 cans of PLAY-DOH modeling compound. 

Featuring gift tags on the top of each one, these brightly colored cans are perfect for passing out to your friends at your next party. You can each mold cool things on your own or combine to create one giant, amazing creation! Moms are sure to love these, too, and grab one on-the-go to keep imaginative kids entertained anywhere. Bag contains 15 one-ounce cans of PLAY-DOH brand modeling compound. Ages 2 and up. We know it's delicious, but please do not eat Play-Doh

Nice Party Favor
By Barbie Collector

I purchased these little play-doh containers to add as party favors for my daughter's 4th birthday party. They fit nicely in her party favor gift boxes with several other items. They are quite small, however, at only one ounce. I paid $7.49 on Amazon. However, I happened to notice these are sold at other retailers for $4.99 (e.g. Target and Walmart). I wish I had shopped around beforehand. Other than the price, I am pleased with the purchase.

Too little quantity per color - most expensive compared to other packs!
By Pavan

We love playdoh and would give it 5 stars as a toy. Problem with this particular pack is that it contains 10 colors, but each can is too small to do anything useful with it. It's also the most expensive pack compared to other playdoh packs I have seen. They may be good for party favor (as the description says), but if you are looking to buy playdoh for your kids, there are far better and cheaper packs available on Amazon.

Since Play-doh comes in so many different packaging, I did a quick comparison based on current prices as of 01/09/2014. The results are sorted by price/ounce in increasing order. Of course, the prices may vary so I would recommend doing a sanity check before you make decision.

We love play doh,
By Javy

These lids are ridiculous to get off. My skin is officially thickened to condition it for the repeated "can you open this." We love play doh, but by the time its been practically played with until dry and ready to toss is about the same time when the kids can open the loosened lids by themselves. Not bad buy all in all. 

Target has off brand 4 for dollar in dollar section that provide more dough, with a molded easy to remove lid in 4 colors, and around easter 4 new colors. Because of the variety in colors I'd still buy again. Just. ...its very little play dough. Ok for small hands but I still end up opening two per kid. So I'd imagine you should give two per loot bag for partyware
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