Playskool Play-Doh Fun Factory Super Set 19 oz Customer Reviews

Play-Doh Fun Factory Super Set

A neat toy
By shirleygirl43

My nearly 4 year old grandson loves his playdough. I personally don't like playdough but it's a great
chance to sit down and bond with your child. Good one on one time. Yeah, the little machine that makes spaghetti and strips of other shapes, like everyone says, it's kind of hard for a little one to do by himself and the playdough does get stuck in little grooves of the inside of the machine but the kids seem to love it. My grandson loves it when I roll out a big piece nice and thin and then he can take the one of the cutters and do his thing.... and the shapes, he loves making people and animalls... a great toy to occupy them and to let them use their imagination. I also bought from Amazon another 4 pack (I think it was) of things to use with this set. I think the other set had a rolling pin with handles which is easier for me to use than the one that came with it. Almost time to get some fresh playdough. Buy from Amazon guys - they always stand behind their customers!

Great Value!!
By Chelzie

An economical way to get all the tools a beginner Play-Doh enthusiast needs. My daughter was SO happy that this also came with cans of Play-Doh. Two or three weeks in, and she is still going strong! I suggestion: get a plastic shoe box to store all the pieces in when they are not in use...or they will get a day!

This teacher HIGHLY RECOMMENDS this set!
By Mrs. L

I bought this for a 3 year old girls birthday present and she LOVES it! As an Early Childhood Educator, I feel like this set in particular provides many skills for the younger preschool age children (3-4 yr olds) Many fine and gross motor skills involved, but nothing too challenging. It also doesn't really have a theme to the set, so the children can use their own imagination rather than an idea that was thought of by an adult who designs Playdoh products. I would highly recommend this set.

weird hole
By A. McGhee

I had one of these when I was a kid (still have it). I bought this new one for my nephew. It is great and fun and all that but there is a weird hole (not a single product flaw- a design flaw) that your play-doh smushes through. The hole has no apparent function and should not be there. If you want to change colors, you have to clean out the hole and all the mess it has made so you don't get dingy play-doh.

Perfect gift for a 3 year old
By anne smith
My son LOVES this play doh set! This has given him hours of entertainment as he squishes, cuts, punches and plays.
Perfect gift for him this spring.

very happy
By scott
our granddaughter loved it great product. would not hesitate to order this again. the parts will hold up to a small childs persistant play ethics.
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