Play-Doh 24-Pack of Colors (Frustration Free Packaging) Customer Reviews

Play-Doh 24-Pack of Colors

By Stephen
As a child I loved PlayDoh. Endless hours of sitting at the kitchen table with my brothers and sister, molding anything and everything that came to mind with varying degrees of success. We never had many of the accessories, such as the burger factory or spaghetti factory so we used our imaginations to mold the afternoon away(sometimes the morning and at times, the entire day).

I recently picked up some PlayDoh on a whim for myself as it was at the front of a big box store and CHEAP so after some 24-26 since my last memorable experience, it's nice to know that:

1) some things never change
2) PlayDoh is still fun to play with
3) that childhood smell is still the same (and if you didn't know, there is perfume/cologne of the smell for addicts)

Yes, I'm an adult and I enjoy playing with PlayDoh.

PlayDoh is a fun product for children and adults alike. If you have children, spend some quality time with them molding snakes, bears or any item your imagination can come up with?

The only downside to PlayDoh is just as it was 25 years ago; you can't really keep any of your creations. If it's not in the container, PlayDoh WILL dry out and crack then crumble. This is a boon and a bust. The boon is that you are forced to continue to use your imagination on new creations. The bust is that for your (or your child's) artistic masterpieces you will have to be content with a digital picture (still better than the Polaroid memories since at least digital pics won't fade).

Fun for the family and highly recommended for children of every age.

By T. Tang

The color selection in this pack makes satisfies everybody's color needs in our household. There are several shades of pinks, blues, yellows and it also includes white and black. Grant it, if you're not careful, you can end up with a big rainbow colored blob by the end of the day. We buy this big pack for the value and give our kids a few containers at a time.

Tip for reviving dried out play-doh - Roll a ball; flatten it a little. Wrap with a moist paper towel and put back in the container; Cover. After 8-12 hours, work the dough. It will a slimy on the surface at first but gradually as you work at it more, it will start to be nice and pliable again. Voilah!

By Charlotte A. Abreu

I bought this for my 3 y/o granddaughter just to have when she visits. It is a lifesaver! There are so many more colors, including PINK, she will play and make and create objects for great lengths of time. I also bought the cutters and molding accessories to assist her making all kinds of things. I only put out about 4 cans at a time and keep the rest put away. These cans are not the mini or the large size but medium size. They are perfect and the price is right! Don't be caught without PLAY-DOH! Charlotte from Stockton,Ca.

By Amber L. Earl

My 2 1/2 year old loves playdoh, and so do her friends. We bought this pack so she could give it to her friends for Christmas. I think it's just a wonderful pack--I never knew so many colors of playdoh were even MADE. Of the 24 colors, only 2 colors were duplicated. Playdoh is a great toy for the younger set, teaching shapes, colors, and fine motor skills. I will definitely purchase another pack like this when she runs out of her current supply. It is worth EVERY penny.

By mv_shark

This is the best-buy for heavy plah-doh users. You'll find a wide range of prices for 6-packs, 8-packs, party packs, halloween packs, fancy color packs, packs of smaller or larger cans. Save yourself the headache. I did quite a search at the time I bought this and this was by far the best price per ounce.

I admit love the Halloween packs for trick-or-treating and party packs for favors but but to restock the "rainy day" collection at home, this is definitely the way to go.

By Cindy in Parker

The canisters are smaller than I expected. The doh itself is the expected wonderful stuff. I was just disappointed in the size of the canisters. I will make future play-doh purchases in store so I can actually see the size I am getting. After around a month I have found that the dough has dried up. Usually it lasts the winter season of indoor recess however, I had to replace it as the children brought to my attention that it was drying up and crumbly. I think maybe it had been in your warehouse a while.

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