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Play-Doh Case of Colors

With 10 different colors of modeling compound to play with, this is a case of creative possibilities! It’s a rainbow assortment of compound colors that lets you create just about anything you can imagine. Press, smoosh, squish, roll, squeeze and shape – with Play-Doh modeling compound, the only limit is your imagination!

 By kcbranaghsgirl

Though the fun, durability and educational value of this product are all very good or better, I did want to emphasize one thing for potential purchasers of this product. When I received this item from Amazon (intended as a gift for a friend's four-year-old daughter), I was pretty disappointed that there were NO cans of blue but TWO cans of hot pink Play Doh in the set.

The Amazon description DOES include a disclaimer for the potential variation of colors in the set, so I'm absolutely not faulting them for not alerting consumers to this deficiency. It's just that, well, I didn't think that it would happen to me (who ever does?), so please DO be aware that they issue this disclaimer for good reason. It's not the end of the world, and I'm sure that the recipient won't think twice about the absence of blue Play Doh in her new, "ten-color" set (such as it is!), but it keeps me from being 100% satisfied with the product.

While I'm at it, I should also add that these are NOT full-size cans of Play Doh - they appear to be approximately half the size of the cans in regular sets. I did not see that information anywhere in the Amazon description (it might be there, but if it is, it wasn't in a conspicuous place), and it's a point worth mentioning somewhere. If you think that you're getting a good deal by getting 10 full-size cans for eight bucks, you are getting nothing of the sort. Better Play Doh values can be found elsewhere on the site, so you might want to keep looking for them if, like me, you're generally the type who likes to get her money's worth.

By A Customer

Great pack of fun colors that are hard to find, BUT the tubs are VERY SMALL - they are really party "gift bag" sized.
It's a shame that the description doesn't give you a better indication that you're not getting a regular-sized tub.
Other than that - lots of fun.

By Linda Bulger VINE VOICE

When I visited my granddaughters in Australia last year for their birthdays, I made room in my suitcase for this Play-Doh Case of Colors. I intended it for party favors, but one rainy afternoon when Mom was working and my son was busy in the kitchen I decided to get it out for the girls.

At four and six years old, they're Play-Doh veterans and have a crate of little accessories to help with the fun. They were soon deep in the creative process, chatting all the while.

Drawing and modeling are windows into a child's imagination. I was delighted with their spotted dogs, bright birds, little families in wearable-art clothing, and many items that truly defied categorizing. Their stories and conversation were even more charming. The little two-ounce tubs encouraged sharing and planning. What a happy memory for me!

At the end of the afternoon the Play-Doh was sorted by color and packed back into the tubs, to be used again but never in its pristine state. There's something about brand-new Play-Doh, isn't there?

It may have seemed silly to haul Play-Doh halfway around the world to a household that's the world capital of children's art supplies, but I'm glad I did -- and my granddaughters were glad too. I'm a true fan of the Play-Doh Case of Colors.

Linda Bulger, 2008
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