Play-Doh Plus Color Set, NET WT 8OZ, 8-Pack Customer Reviews

Play-Doh Plus Color Set, NET WT 8OZ

Give your little one the ability to add awesome details to Play-Doh creations with this big 8-pack of Play-Doh Plus compound.

By Kate M. (US)
really lush colors. soft and play-with-able - almost addictive. I bought these as clever packaging for my kids' Christmas money - play DOUGH - get it? I took the doh out of a few of the tubs and replaced it with money rolled up. But my kids (ages 15 - 20) ALL played with the doh AND they asked if I saved the doh from the tubs the money was in (of course I did). They wanted the doh back. I can only imagine how much little kids will like it.

The package says "Plus" on it. I turned the 'S' of plus into a $ with a marker. The kids all wanted to know what the PLUS was (obviously, in my use, the plus was the cash).

I guess the 'plus' is the fact that these are supplemental (and amazing for the most part) colors. I don't know what is so PLUS about white play-doh, unless that isn't a standard color anymore. But the fun colors are gorgeous.

By Ruth (Home)
My grand-daughter is having so much fun with this play doh and the product is just wonderful and is so easy to keep up, the containers are easy to open and reseal making clean-up and easy job as well.

By juneyjoe

This isn't a negative review just a be advised note: There's only one ounce each so using this product in any swirling set is nearly a single use. It's much softer so the dough is easier for younger kids to pump but once it's combined there's no separating it. If you want hours of play with swirl combinations like in many of the dessert sets you will need to order many, many cans or be happy with muddy brown playdoh creations!

By Ryan Ford
If you don't like Play Doh to begin with - you'll hate Play Doh Plus. Yes it's fun & easier for my 2 1/2 year old to use with Play-Doh toys. It is a little trickier to clean up.. But not super frustrating as some of the reviews have said.. All I do is take apart the big extractor toy & rinse it in warm water... But I have to do that with the regular play doh also.. So no biggie The other toys come clean easy.

By Jessica Frankfort
We love this play dough!! It doesn't seem to dry out at all- unless left out over night which they all do. It's much smoother, more of a gentle texture. This set was bought for a Christmas gift- the previous set is still going stron after a year at the grandparents house. I really like this play dough and think it's worth the extra cost.

By Janey Whitney (Alabama, usa)
I would recommend this to a child that is 6+ just because of it being so messy and sticking to everything. To avoid the mess put an old towel down or newspaper on the floor so if the play doh plus falls it will stick to the towel and you can throw it away. 

Other than it being messy I love it. It has really cute vibrant colors and is wayy softer than the original, making it way easier to mold. Its great for the play doh twist ice cream machine, but it often sticks to the inside. Overall the only difference is the texture. The smell is the same, the colors are a little more vibrant and it takes a little longer to dry. So I would recommend this product just make sure to have something covering your carpet.

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