New Review : Play-Doh Doc's Clinic Featuring Disney Doc McStuffins

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Time for a check-up! Team up with Doc McStuffins at her clinic and help her friends feel better. Get Doc ready for a day of caring by adding a flower to her headband and stamping her doctor bag. Who's coming to visit first? Check in the bed to find a Stuffy book-mold, and find a Lambie mold inside the couch! Use the table in the waiting room to make Hallie, too. 

Fix a boo-boo or two by cranking out bandages with the bandage machine and make some doctor's tools for Doc McStuffins with the half-molds. With your little helper around, Doc's friends will feel all better in no time!.

Top Customer Reviews

By Nancy Grace Harris Bailey

This is my favorite Play-Doh set! The molds are great and ever piece was so mindfully created. There is a mold for everything and it comes out in great detail! The furniture pieces are awesome and they seriously thought of everything. 

That being said, the only recommendation I have is to laminate or tape the cardboard "clinic" wall so that it is more durable. This set is so great, I ordered another the next day after receiving it to give as a gift for another Doc Mcstuffins fan.

My son was happy to receive this gift
By Olena

Toy was perfectly packed to avoid damage during transportation.
My son was happy to receive this gift. Now he is busy with his friends and playing, but I'm not worried for his safety. Plasticine is easily washed off with hands and clothes, and nothing will happen, even if the baby him a little lick)))

It's super cute. I bought it for a 4 and ...
By lisa m.

It's super cute. I bought it for a 4 and 5 year old. They enjoyed making characters and acting out scenes. I even had fun playing with them

Fun for toddlers!
By Diana Mann

My daughter loves it, she could spend hours playing with this if I'd let her. Very cute addition to our playdoh collection!
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