Play Doh Mega Pack (36 Cans) Customer Reviews

Play Doh Mega Pack (36 Cans)

There's almost no limit to what your little ones will imagine and create with the Play-Doh Mega Pack! With 36 bright colors to choose from - pink, brown, green, red and on and on - the Play-Doh Mega Pack has almost every color in the rainbow. Let the creativity begin.

By Conspicuous Consumer
I routinely play with Play-doh with the three grand kids that are 3 to 4 years old. By that age they have quit eating the stuff and aren't so old as to have lost interest.

This is the ideal sized container. The larger containers have too much doh for small hands.

This is a great set of colors. Some of the colors (like black, brown, and white) are hard to find in smaller sets.

I don't buy the sets that squish the doh into shapes. Although they tons of fun, the doh gets stuck and hardens and you end up discarding the squishes. I buy cheap sets of cookie cutters, plastic cutting boards, one large good rolling pin, and lots of devices to cut and roll (be creative).

Too keep the doh moist, occasionally add a 1/2 tsp of water to all the cans and let them set for a couple of days.

By Heather
I have 7 young children that were kept amused for several hours thanks to this mega pack of play-doh. Even my 2 year old, sat at our dining room table for TWO STRAIGHT HOURS making various pretend foods and flowers and trees. Play-doh is a classic. It's great for fine tuning gross motor skills in young children, while capturing the imagination for children and adults alike.

Would I buy this again? You bet.
One of the best childhood "toys" ever.

By Angie M.

I posted some pictures of these play-doh containers. I realize that finding 36 truly different colors is a difficult thing to do, but I had to mention that some of the colors are so similar that they are basically duplicates. It's still a great deal, though, and cheaper here than at any store I have seen.

I had fun trying to get my kids to describe the color they wanted before actually picking it up. We had them all arranged like a rainbow of sorts, and then the kids would have to figure out a way to tell me exactly which color they wanted and I'd grab it for them. This led to discussion about light and dark, words like "purple-dish" and "reddish-strongish." It was fun.

Good deal and definitely recommended!

Oh, one of the cans was cracked and had dried out a little, but after mixing it up, it seemed okay. I had to tape up the crack so it would not continue to dry out.

By triscuitBy triscuit 
Tonight I got pictures from both families who recieved a megabox of playdoh for Christmas. Kids aged from 2-8, and it was fun for all six of them. Safe for the toddlers, and enough colors so that sibling disagreements were limited. Great vibrant colors, and good old playdoh fun. I sent cookie cutters of bugs and animals with the playdoh too.
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