Girl's Pink Princess Castle Pop-Up Play Tent Indoor Customer Reviews

Girl's Pink Princess Castle

Every little girl will love this fun and adorable little pink castle tent by Playou. It works easily well both indoors and out, so your daughter can enjoy her premium play tent throughout all four seasons and virtually anywhere that she likes. This tent is exceptionally easy to set up and breakdown, as well as to take along with you wherever you go thanks to its ultra light weight design. Let your child's creative nature take hold as she plays in this imaginative and very girly royal setting. 

By Steve
Just an adorable tent. My kids play in it for hours...  it gives them plenty of room for play - as a matter of fact at one point there were at least four children inside it. Usually my two girls and a couple of their dolls make this their dream home. It appears to be durable and withstands pretty tough play. 
By Antonio Koebble

This play tent is a great gift for Christmas! First off, it comes at a great price! I ordered two and with Prime they shipped in just 2 days. I bought one for my 4 year old niece, and gave the other to my 3 year old daughter. She has been playing in it a few times daily while watching her shows. Just take it out of the packaging and it pops up ready to go! 
By grandmapat6

This is a great gift for any girl who loves to play and use her imagination. My granddaughter loves her Disney princess dolls and loves to play in her princess castle pop up tent. When she has a friend over to play they spend hours in the tent. Although she hasn't had it for a very long time, it seems to be well made and durable.

By Alonso
My three year old loves it perfect size enough for even my husband to fit inside! Easy to assemble once you figure it out because it came with no instructions.
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