Play-Doh Doctor Drill 'N Fill Customer Reviews

Play-Doh Doctor Drill 'N Fill

Make going to the dentist a little less scary with the Doctor Drill ’N Fill playset! Your child can make braces and brush teeth for the included head with ears! The playset comes with fun tools for all kinds of dental play and three cans of Play-Doh modeling compound.

It's alright
By bjtao

The toy is OK. It's not as easy to make the teeth, braces and other things as it looks. The holes in the mouth where the playdoh teeth go are not deep enough to hold them so you can drill. Once you start drilling, they fall right out. Also, the top and bottom of the mouth come apart very easily which can be frustrating for a child. Making the braces is nearly impossible. The tools are good quality. The drill actually drills. It's a fun idea but not as easy as I expected. It's still pretty cool though.

Classic Play-doh fun
By PghYinzer

My brother and I had this as kids. I don't remember much about it besides it was a flip top head and you made teeth for it, so I can't say how the new compares to the old - but I remember we played with it a LOT. My girls (3 1/2yo twins) just got this for Christmas and there's a lot of play value here - you make teeth, you put them in the gums, you drill the teeth, you fill the teeth, you can brush the teeth, you can even make braces for the teeth. It's pretty involved. Only complaint it when you mold the teeth the root part is pretty thick so it's not super easy to pop in the patient's gums, but otherwise it's great. (You can squeeze it into shape a little, but it can be frustrating for young ones) I think it's one of those toys that will last for a while because as your child gets older, they can get more intricate and exact with how they play with it. Right now they're just making teeth and bickering with each other, but they seem to be having a blast.

It comes with white, silver, and red play-doh. White for teeth, silver for metal - but I saw the red and thought, well that's gruesome... I thought it was for blood, for when you're cleaning. Ha! But my daughter pointed out, that's for toothpaste. Ah. The innocence of a child. :-) (It's obvious if you're looking at the box, but I wasn't looking at the box at the time)

Prepares for dentist visit
By h3ath3r2

My almost 3 year old son knocked his teeth out at the playground so visiting the dentist started to become a traumatic event for him...until we bought this toy! He played with it everyday up until his next dentist visit. We each took turns and pretended to be Dr. Todd (his dentist). After 2 weeks, we went to his dental appointment, and it went great. Love this toy! I recommend this for any little one who is approaching his first dentist appointment.

Great toy!
By Vanessa

I received this as a gift for my six year old boy. It is easy to assemble and the pretend drill works great. Unlike most play-doh toys, this one is easy to clean and put away. This is definitely a toy that will get lots of play.

Great Toy. Used over and over again. Just need more play-doh
By X 

Both our girls 2 and 7 play with this toy regularly. It is not a toy that they got as a gift and play with once and then are not interested in it again. They love it. They take it out regularly and can both enjoy it together. However, we have run out of the silver play-dough and I can't find where to get a replacement pack - red, white and silver. this only matters to a seven year old, but still it would be good if they sold a replacement pack, as they for the sweet shop. Then I would have given it five stars,

Playing dentist is so much fun!
By Kirsten Andersen

This product is amazing... hands-on fun and interaction while learning about the dentist and fillings, braces, shapes of different teeth. Everyone should have one! Especially before a dental appointment!

Good for preparing for dentist
By J. Meyer

My four year old is terrified of the dentist (and all medical appointments). But he loves playdoh! He loved this toy and I do think it helped get him comfortable with the idea of his own dentist appointment.

By MeowMeow

This is a typical play doh toy. My 7 year old loves it. She loves creating teeth, drilling teeth and then extracting teeth. However, like all the other play doh toys, the play doh gets mixed, but this should be expected. Over all it is cute and fun to play with if you like play doh.

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