Play-Doh H Rollers, Cutters and More Playset Customer Reviews

Play-Doh H Rollers, Cutters

Unleash your imagination as you create cute, colorful shapes like "birds," "fish," "cars" and more. Then use the included rollers and cutters to finish off your fanciful creations.

By Lisa Scher
Bought this because the original Play-Doh set was sold out. I really don't like the rolling pin because you need to use the palm of your hand instead of the handles. The tube and attachments are too big, and the dough goes around the shapes instead of through it. The orange circles can only be used with your thumbs, making it a little messy and not very long pieces of spaghetti or other shapes. The scissors smoosh the dough instead of cutting, which just causes chaos with my son because it's "not right!". If you have the choice between this and the original Play-Doh set, go for the good one! I will continue to use this because it's all we have, but am going to hold out for the original and keep this as a back-up!

By wolvenlied
My 2(almost 3) year-old son loves play-doh we play it together so when I saw this set at a bargain price in the local supermarket I thought it would be ideal. The rolling pin and shape cutters are great, he really likes to play with them as well as the plastic scissors and knife(because they are plastic he won't cut himself). I am however rather disappointed with the extruder tube as only the ruler with shapes fits in it, the orange things don't at all, guess we won't be making spaghetti play-doh. You can only push the play-doh though with your thumb, basically the orange things are useless and a bit of a waste. Other than that this set was okay value wise and my son loves to play with it. I think an older child probably wouldn't be as easily pleased though.

By TS on
This set was a real disappointment. The only good part was the tubs of playdoh themselves.. But if 2 new colors were all we wanted we could have saved money and bought them separately. The plunger, which should hold the end cap pieces -will not. The strip of shapes is very hard to use and the rolling pin doesn't work any better than your palm because nothing really rolls or moves on it. The scissors pinch and are very stiff. The only thing that works as it should is the knife! Very disappointing. This set is a far cry from what it should be.

By NYMomof2
Who doesn't love playdoh? You can't ever go wrong with a playdoh purchase. The scissors & knife & roller are great (one reviewer mentioned that the handles aren't something you keep stationary, you have to move them as well...true & annoying, but my child doesn't know the difference). The cookie cutters are great. Oddly enough, this should really come with instructions (as I've seen others point out). I finally figured out the ruler with shapes in it actually slides over the red tube. 

The 4 orange pieces are completely useless. I threw them away. The only way to get the playdoh through the small holes is to push it through with your thumbs, and it barely works & makes a big mess in your fingernails. You definitely can't make spaghetti or anything with them. Like I said, they're useless. I guess I should have purchased a different kit, but this one does the job for the cost. So I had 4 useless pieces, oh well, the rest is great fun for my 3 yr old. =) I would recommend this if you're looking to start a small playdoh kit.

By C. Caron
I bought this with a box of 10 or 12 mini tubs of colors and it was a great pairing. The 2 tubs that come with it are fine too but it was good for us and our rainy days on our vacation to the beach to have the other fun colors too. The little "cookie cutter" shapes were the biggest hit. My 4-year-old really liked making the 4 shapes in many different colors. He used the scissors to cut up his creations! I tried using the very human anatomy-looking plunger to make the shapes and that works fine. 

But there is no way I could figure out to use the spaghetti type shapers. I ended up pushing some thru with my fingers to make some long strings. So that part of the toy (the 4 orange button type things... also oddly looking like human anatomy!) gets one star. Especially since it does not explain anywhere on the container how to use those. I was probably not understanding how to use them. If they could attach to the plunger somehow they would work just great! You can make all kinds of shapes, strings, dots, etc, etc! It is a really nice set for being creative without the toy trying to tell you what to do. Like some of the food-themed sets would do.

By Scarlett O'Hara
This is one of the best toys I got so far for my 21 month toddler. She LOVES playing with the PlayDoh, but she still lacks the coordination to make figures by herself. This product is great for this age. She figured out very quickly how to use the accessories to mold the PlayDoh. Now she wants to play with it every day, and she is learning to play by herself, so it gives me free time! I definitely recommend it.

Two more comments:

- It comes with scissors and some smaller pieces. I just put these apart until she grows up a little. The rest of the accessories are very safe for a young child.
- It only comes with two colors. But for me that is enough. In fac, I always use one of them. My child is still small enough to play with two colors without mixing. So this is not a disadvantage. But if the child is older, I recommend buying some more play doh to complement.

And this is it. I wish there was a small bag to put all together, too. I am using one of those nice plastic bags from some shoes I bought her. But it would be a nice complement.

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