Playdoh Perfect Twist Ice Cream Maker Playset Video Review

Welcome to a world of Creatable, Colorful, Makeable Fun. For generations, Play-Doh Brand Modeling Compound has encouraged children to squeeze and shape with both their hands and their imaginations. The Play-Doh brand really is Imagination Taking Shape. Activity-packed play sets, such as the famous Fun Factory play set, let kids mold, shape and build the most colorful creations they can dream up. From Digging' Rigs projects to Sweet Shoppe confections, there's always something new to create.Play-Doh compound comes in a rainbow of colors, and even some special sparkle shades. And now Play-Doh Plus compound makes it easier than ever to create designs and details. It's easier to squeeze, and helps you make some of the most realistic looks ever.




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This is a nice Play-doh set and we recommend this to everyone
This is a nice Play-doh set and we recommend this to everyone. Our 7 and 4 yo both loved playing with this. Of course it is messy but it is fun. Over the years the sets are improving in quality but I can see Play-doh is having a hard time coming up with new ideas. How many ice cream and food playsets can you make? We also look forward to see whats new from Play-doh but are usually disappointed as it is usually the same toy but just looks different. If you don't have any of these sets you should pick this one up.

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best play doh ice cream maker

My girls love it. This one is different than the other Play Doh ice cream makers. My daughter like this one because of the handle. She said it is like a real ice cream machine and much easier to use than the other ones that require you push down on the top. Remember to clean any leftover play doh out when playtime is done or will harden and the toy will become hard to use. A lot of people forget that when they get these toys. As long as you help your kids keep it clean after they're done playing it will work great and last long time. I agree the lever on the front is much easier than the others she has.

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If you can't stand when Play-Doh gets mixed up - NOT FOR YOU - otherwise still 
keeping kids occupied!
this is ALL my daughter wanted for Christmas. this is ALL she asked Santa for. I saw it at Target for $15 but didn't buy it thinking I could go back anytime (have I learned nothing as a parent??). By the time I realized it was not in the house waiting for Christmas, it was no where to be found. I found it on Amazon for $30 or some crazy price! But it was my fault, and I have prime so at least shipping was free. It did not disappoint - but it is a tremendous mess. Just be prepared for that. Get extra Play-Doh and be ready to throw it away (it makes sprinkles - I have vacuumed up about a pound of dried up sprinkles). If you can make your own Play-Doh, even better.
She still plays with it months after Christmas so that is a huge WIN.

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Hours of fun!

Hours of fun for my daughter! She really loved making ice cream all Christmas day. Only feedback is, perhaps the little spinning piece the cone sits on, and the cones/bowls themselves, should be wider. They are tough for little ones to get on there properly and seem to always want to fall over.

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