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Kahootz invites all to engage their new nostalgic Play-Doh Classic Style Fun Tools and experience of the number-one, parent-trusted, kid-approved, modeling compound enjoyed by generations since 1956. Inside this vintage-style, jumbo storage can are containers of authentic Play-Doh along with a complete set of classic-style Fun Tools, each fashioned after traditional clay and dough play-tools of days gone by. 
Each tool offers multiple ways to explore shaping and modeling with Play-Doh - from texture stamps and pattern rollers to free-form sculpting tools, the creative possibilities grow along with the imagination. Includes: 8 x 1-ounce cans of Play-Doh, 1 Rolling Pin, 2 Texture Rollers, 3 Texture Stamp Cubes, Hammer, Trimming Knife, Sculpting Tool, Double-sided Laminated Play Mat, Idea Guide, and reusable Jumbo Storage Container. 
With the Kahootz Classic Style Fun Tools, youngsters can enjoy timeless, open-ended creative play and parents can re-live their gleeful childhood memories spent with Play-Doh. Some cool facts: Over 950 million pounds or more than 2 billion cans of Play-Doh Compound have been squished and squashed since 1956. If you made a big ball of all the Play-Doh Compound ever created, it would weigh more than 700 million pounds. 
Urban legend has it that if you took all the Play-Doh Compound created since 1956 and put it through the Play-Doh Fun Factory playset, it would make a snake that would wrap around the world 300 times. Play-Doh Compound is the number 1 reusable modeling compound, with over 100 million cans produced each year. Seven million Play-Doh Fun Factory playsets have been sold since 1999. Play-Doh has been a staple playtime classic delighting kids around the world for generations. 
Top Customer Reviews
Wonderful set - keeps my three year old busy!
This is a fantastic play doh tool set. It is increasingly hard to find tools for play doh - especially for boys. This is a very basic set that is great for either gender. I was surprised with all that came in the canister (which is totally cute with a vintage flair). You get small play doh canisters, all of the tools and a great placemat which keeps the play doh clean and your counters too! Great purchase - highly recommend!
Fun and great tools. Wish there were more of these sets.
Cool product. Great for all ages, including parents. These tools are fun and useful and sturdy. Wish they had more of these sets. One of the best sets I've ever seen. I store the tools back in the tube, but the lid comes off easily - doesn't click because the tube is cardboard.
Great play-dough toy set!

My 3 year old got this for one of her Christmas presents and she loves it. The toys have held up over 6 months of abuse from 3+ kids. The container is still in one piece. My older girls love to follow the pictures to try to make the different items. Great buy for this house!
Not wood, too bad...

I bought these thinking they were wood - they aren't. I like the simple designs (patterned blocks, rollers, etc.) but it would be a five star product if it were made of wood. As is, they are just another set of likely-to-break plastic toys
The kids love it - and I do too

The kids love it - and I do too. This set gets a lot of use. My grandkids get it out as soon as they come over. Nice durable tools that have plenty of designs to choose from. You will not regret buying it.
The simplicity of good old fashioned play dough accessories is so much fun ...

My three year old granddaughter received this play dough set for Christmas. She really likes it. The simplicity of good old fashioned play dough accessories is so much fun and she is able to use these tools without help. This is a great set for all ages.
Nice play-doh exploration set

I appreciate the tools being made out of plastic. The tools offer a variety of patterns and I find the set to be a great value.

I bought these to complement a set of natural scented play doughs so I would've preferred having the option of purchasing without the 6-1oz tubs. The best surprise is definitely the mat. My son is just beginning to explore play dough but in time I can see him benefiting from the ideas shown on the mat. Wonderful purchase.
Nice set, good for little hands
This is a nice little set that leaves room for imagination. My only complaint is the top of the container doesn't stay on well so I will need to get a new box for them.

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