Play-Doh Magical Carriage Featuring Disney Princess Cinderella

Product Description

Make Play-Doh dresses fit for a princess at the ball with the Magical Carriage playset! You can use the carriage's door to press a dress onto your Cinderella figure. The wheels roll out Cinderella's slipper and other shapes, and there's an extruder on top so you can press out Play-Doh pumpkin vines to decorate the carriage! Every creation you make with the Magical Carriage will feel like it's right out of a fairy tale!

Top Customer Reviews

Stroke of midnight letdown
By Dragonflii
This set does not hold a toddler's attention for long. It comes with a carriage, a Cinderella figure and three small cans of play-doh. You can put Cinderella in the carriage with some play-doh, press and create a dress. It is difficult for toddlers to get the figure into the carriage and press, which makes the limited appeal of making one dress for one figure even more limited. Rolling the carriage across the play-doh to make shapes, just didn't work that well, and the end result was rather unexciting. The molds with the set are small and the shapes are not very identifiable. Lastly, there are pumpkin vines at the top that grow when the stem is pressed down. This part was okay. But overall, this play set was pretty disappointing. If you have an imaginative toddler, go for cookies or cupcakes, rolling/cutting/molding. For an older child who is into Cinderella, this might be a little more entertaining, but even then, I think this set has less replay value than many others, regardless of age.

Good innovative involving activity  
By Bobbie
Superb activity toy. My five year old loves it. She can use her imagination to design different dresses and accessories, even hair. Actually the toy assists her imagination. The default miniature Cinderella mimics the character well and both girl and boy kids love it. You can always replenish play dough of different from store :).

Very cute!  
By Tim and Sarah Davis
This was purchased as a Christmas gift for a preschooler. I was pleased with the size of it. Sometimes I'm unsure of what it will look like, but this set was very nice. It is a very cute Disney theme, but also had several different places to imprint the play doh etc. It was a lot of fun!
By Cassandra 
 This was pretty neat but I think I had more fun playing with it than my 4 year old niece. She couldn't quite grasp the idea of how the playdough worked to get them into the neat little shapes I was making.
Princess glitter dough!  
By Amazon Customer
My 2.5 year old daughter LOVED this. I will admit that she did try to eat some, but that might be because she is 2.5 and tries to eat most things.

She played with this for about an hour upon opening it, and refused to let her little sister and brother touch it. Lots of screaming happened.

She was very excited that the play doh had glitter in it. I have never given her play doh before, but I guess she has played with it at school and was therefore the authority of dough - the glitter pleased her quite a bit. She was also very excited that it had something to do with princesses, can't go wrong with that!

There wasn't too many parts, and with 3 toddlers, I was into that.

5/5, would buy again.

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