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Set of colorful letter and number molds lets you mix and match your ABCs and 123s for endless spelling and counting fun – Play-Doh-style! Set includes plastic knife, 26 letter molds, nine number molds and 8 one-ounce cans of Play-Doh compound. Ages 3 and up.

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Great asset for any Play-doh lover
By Sarah Hedengren

This set is fantastic. The stamp/imprint pieces have the numbers 0-9 and all the capital letters. There is nothing to get broken, and it is fun for so many ages. My toddler likes to smush them into the play-doh to make a mark. My preschooler likes to identify letters, write his name, etc. and my grade schooler can be more elaborate with it. I love toys that work with many ages and give a lot of versatility (and don't have little pieces that break off or electronics that die!)

I keep the letters in one zip lock bag and the numbers in another. The letters are yellow and green and the numbers red and blue so it makes it easy to sort.

It creates a fun experience with letters beyond something stale and forced like a worksheet. I caught them on a sale one time and wished I had picked up extra for gifts!

Decent buy but pieces are smaller than in the pictures
By ChronicTronic

Pretty decent buy but the pieces are much smaller than in the pictures shown. Also, the stencilled playdoh is a bit difficult to remove even with the knife provided.

Small letters
By R. M. Duenas

Somehow, I thought the full thing was bigger. The letters are very small to fill with dough by a three year's old small hands. My daughter always needs my help to get the dough out of the shapes and the letter in shape. The dough containers are also tiny. But I guess the learning value is the same. She is starting to identify the letters of her name, and a few others, and she likes to play with them despite the fact that she can't quite make the letters by herself yet. I would definitively like (and make) the letter shapes bigger.

Tiny cups of play doh, too hard for kids to get play doh out of the molds
By Passau

First, make sure you look closely and realize that you are getting tiny tins of play doh with this set. I looked quickly when buying and thought it came with full sized play dohs. In the picture I provide you can see the size of the small container v. the big regular sized play dough containers. 

This set only has the small containers which are half (or less than half of the size of the normal sized play doh containers). I didn't even know play doh made such small containers of play doh before getting this set. So, the photo is for size comparison of how small these containers are v. the standard sized containers. You can also see the letters.

Secondly, my kids (3 and 5) have a hard time getting the letters out of the molds. If they are lucky, they get half the letter out. Usually, I have to help them with each letter to get it out which is hard because I have an infant and no free hands to constantly pull letters out of molds. Also, often I end up ripping the letters when getting the play doh out of the mold even when I am trying to be careful.

I did give it two stars because my kids still like to play with the letters, tell me the sounds they make, and try to get the play doh out of the letter molds. I think if the letter molds were bigger it would be easier for the kids to get out. I would probably not recommend it.

Fun with numbers and letters
By homeschool_mama

This is a rather small package of numbers and letters. The stamps themselves are about 1.5"x1.5" with 1" letters. The stamp imprint is about 1/8" deep. The playdoh in this kit comes in smaller containers (1 oz). There's just enough playdoh, when squished flat to stamp about 3 letters per color.

The quality of the stamps themselves is very good. They are made of a stiff plastic and seem durable for little hands. The letters are yellow and green pieces while the numbers are blue and red. Very good for helping find the piece you are looking for. It also comes with a plastic knife, however it bends easily and feels like it's going to break when cutting the playdoh.

One downside to these stamps is that when my 2.5 year old is stamping the playdoh, it gets stuck in the letter molds and he has to peel it off of them. It's a little frustrating for his fine motor skill ability.

The packaging itself is not compartmentalized. Once the playdoh containers are removed, the letter and number pieces can spill into the rest of the box. Also, if held upright, the playdoh containers will simply fall out of the box. This does not allow for easily putting the playdoh away and reusing the box for storage. We've had to store the pieces and playdoh in a gallon sized plastic bag.

This is an overall good purchase, but a little pricey for what you get considering the small amount of playdoh that comes in the pack.

Very Disapointed
By K. Clercq

I ordered this for my nephew for Christmas, and was extremely disappointed. As other reviewers have noted, the letters and numbers are very small. The "cans" of Play Doh it comes with are tiny! I didn't even know that they made such small cans. I paid $16 dollars for this, and think it is worth about $5. There really isn't enough Play Doh included to use with all of the letters and numbers. The packaging is not conducive for reuse and storage. It is a good idea, but not actualized well at all.
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