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Mold some mighty friends and save the day! This super-fun Super Hero Adventures set comes with a mold and 6 cutters to create the figures and faces of some of your favorite crime-fighters. Add your heroes to the playmat to complete the action-packed scene or use them to act out bad guy-busting adventures. No matter how badly your heroes get squished in their battles, you can always make them fresh all over again!

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Cute and fun

I purchased this for my grandson for his 5th birthday as he loves all things spiderman. This was just a "in addition" gift but who doesnt love playdoh?? He loved it, he had no problems making the various characters, the set arrived sealed and everything was in perfect condition. I did buy additional play-doh containers for him as these were small and did not have a large range of colors. He had a blast, now my son on the other hand is not as happy as he said he has been cleaning play-doh off everything now for days. ;)

Play-Doh needs more boy sets! This one works

This item was priced higher than other sets with more substantial pieces; this came with 6 stampers, one folding mold, a knife and a roller. It also came with dough, and a laminated paper mat, all in a small box. When it's all dumped on the table, it seems a little...less than expected.
It's hard to find Play-Doh for boys, mostly any that has a licensed character set. When I saw that they made this, I bought it so that I could have SOMETHING boy to compete with all of the princess, pony, hair, and other girl sets.
In that regard, this worked. The boys had fun playing with it, so that they didn't have to 'do girl stuff'.

Watch out for the play mat.

Everything with the set was fun, EXCEPT the playmat. The playmat is simply a piece of 8" x 10" glossy paper, slightly thicker than a magazine cover. You think if it's a playmat it would have at least been made of plastic, not glossy paper. I'm glad I opened it before Christmas so I can get the paper laminated before putting play-doh all over it and it gets ripped and worn out.

It also looked like the box had been opened and repackaged

I was very surprised when I received this because it was so small. It seemed very expensive compared to other Playdoh items I have purchased before. It also looked like the box had been opened and repackaged. Nothing was missing, but it was closed with a small piece of Scotch tape. I actually wanted to return it, but my 2 year old found it and was able to open it himself.


Nothing bad about the seller..everything was smooth and arrived promptly..the product itself was smaller than we we thought it was going to be a decent size activity set...and was bad for not looking at the dimensions...and the size of the play-do itself as they are the tiny containers..the matt is small..ect..just make sure you read the dimensions and you wont be dissapointed.

Five Stars

Smaller then expected but still nice. My boys love it and love making superhero molds. Would purchase again.

This is his favorite to play

My son LOVES this playdoh play mat! This is his favorite to play with

Great gift idea for a 3-5 year old

My nephew absolutely loved it!
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