Hatching Egg Blue/Green Egg Video Review

Hatchimals are magical creatures that live inside colorful eggs. Each Hatchimal is special � it�s up to you to help them hatch, play with them, and raise them.



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Everything you need to know about Hatchimals before Christmas. Hatchimals 101.We now own six (6) of these, paying retail for them all, waited on lines, got to stores early, called and checked.

This is my full review I was able to get one of these for my grand daughter and then got five more so I wanted to give an in-depth review for others.

Firstly keep searching and it you want one of these but can't find the one you want, don't worry they're making these like crazy in Shenzhen, China. The supply will go up soon don't worry, Amazon will soon stock them again.

Secondly I recommend STRONGLY to anyone that buys this, for whatever price, and even those that are thinking about buying one search on Youtube and watch the Spin Master video's. (Email me and I will send you a link to the video)

A few days ago I found a Hatchimals egg and we were all talking about it for days on end. Come on what child doesn�t like a surprise and this is the ultimate in surprises � a toy but you don�t know what it looks like! It's like a nesting doll, a present within a present.

WHAT'S INCLUDED: Hatchimals Egg - A birth certificate - A quick glance color code guide (picture included) - Instructions

Hatchimals is right now the hottest toy for Christmas 2016 and is made by SpinMaster. They are the makers of Paw Patrol so we're assuming that they do know a little about toys.

Currently there are five �species� to choose from � OWLICORN, BURTLE, BEARAKEET, PENGUALAS, DRAGGLES some are only sold at certain stores.

Walmart Exclusive / Burtle / Purple or Aqua
Target Exclusive / Bearakeet / Pink or Black
Toys R Us Exclusive / Owlicorn / Pink or Blue
Draggle / Green or Blue
Draggle / Blue or Purple
Pengula / Teal or Pink
Pengula / Pink or Red

But unless you have xray eyes you don�t know what color you'll get till your Hatchimal has hatched.

As soon as it�s taken from its packaging and you start the process off noises start coming from the egg, with the ambient lights low you can see Hatchimals lights start to flash inside just like it was real! Then when the pecking starts it's enough to make a small child very excited.

The instructions say that each �hatch� should take about 20 � 30 minutes to hatch. I again stress that you should watch the Spin Master YouTube videos. There are several dumb people online that have filmed themselves stroking the top of the egg to get it to hatch, this will not work.

To hatch he Hatchimals you need to keep rubbing the bottom and moving it around because it had electronics that sense that. To let it sit and rub the top, does nothing. Well actually it will do something, the Hatchimal will go into sleep mode. This will happen often so don't worry.

For a small child it can be somewhat of a test of patients. The video mentions that once it's 2/3 of the way out you can start to help it along. I'd not recommend cutting it out, WHY? Because this, believe it or not is much of the initial fun. This is a toy that must grow and age electronically, so in the beginning it won't be able to do very much. And if this is a gift for a small child, let's say 6 yrs old, they'll be pretty disappointed till the toy grows up some, in some cases that could be days or even weeks.

When the breaking open starts you need to keep involved by rubbing the bottom and rolling it in your hands the children need to keep their maximum interaction with the egg otherwise it won�t hatch.

So in the end our Hatchimal took over an hour to Hatch, but honestly I'm glad it did. You just need to keep your child involved and interested if they are the type of child that has a short attention span. With attention the egg continued to flash & squeak and my grand daughter persevered, and in the end any frustration was far outweighed by the while process which in the end was amazing considering it is just a toy.

And then �Klipper� was born � the name my Grand Daughter picked out, she treats this just like she would a small pet, like a kitten. There's no Hatchanimal in the stroller or anything, lol. But each kid is different.

Let me add that you don't need your smart phone or have to sync this up with any app, it's a stand alone toy which in todays toy

Again, all Hatchimals start life as a baby, like we all do, the more you do with it and take care of it, the quicker it grows up � going from baby to toddler to child � and the more skills and games it unlocks. So as I said it could take days or weeks depending on the actual interaction.

This toy depends a lot or it's eyes. (See Eye Picture Chart In This Review). Color is everything so it's imperative that the user has some understanding of the written word or an adult to be pestered mercilessly every two seconds if a younger one is there too. (yes I have some experience there, lol)

It would be silly for me to go over all of the colors and what they mean, especially when I enclosed a chart picture that will tell you just that. But a summary is that the color will tell you from the basics of when it is hungry, when it will wet your pants, when it wants to play and when it wants your credit card number to pay ransom on some of their friends and help break them out.

I will say that the important colors are remembered very quickly by children and it even starts to be a little contest when you have several children there, they'll start to shout what the color means before I could look it up.

Let me add, if you give this present to a child on Christmas, be sure NOT to let them open it till after the dust has settled. This toy needs their undivided attention and to open it and throw it back into the toy pile, won't do the toy experience justice. Especially if you're one of the unlucky parents that paid more then the retail price for the toy.

Some toys are the kind of toy that you put in your childs bed and they sleep with it and enjoy it, like when my daughter was young it was Teddy Ruxpen. But this toy, not so much. I say that because the toy mechanism inside is hard and if that beak that's used to break open the egg ever started to peck at my grand daughter I'd football this toy into next week. So it's not a bed buddy, that's for sure.

I thought this toy was just ok (3 stars), my grand daughter loved it (5 stars), so I gave it a overall I like it, (4 star) review.

I paid full retail from a big box store. If there are any questions, please feel free to email me.

I hope this helped some, if so let me know. Thanks for reading.

2- Disappointed parent  (?)

To hell with over-inflated prices

I cannot believe how greedy people get over the holidays. Reminds me of the Movie "Jingle all the Way". I will not be paying this bloated price for a $50 dollar toy. This the season be be a money grubbing snake. Looks like this will be a Birthday gift for my kid. The problem is that people are paying the over-inflated price or vendors wouldn't try to pull this crap. I read an article about a guy who bought 100 of them. He was being praised for having the foresight to buy them. I'm glad you were able to get your daughter one guy in the article, I guess you have a monopoly on getting the perfect gift for your kid.

3- Matthew Brown ( ?)

a child that doesn't have a parent that can afford this will go WITHOUT because of people like YOU. That is NOT what the holiday

Cannot BELIEVE people are charging this much for this! So, a child that doesn't have a parent that can afford this will go WITHOUT because of people like YOU. That is NOT what the holidays are about! You make me sick!!!!!


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