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Hatchimals Penguala - Pink/Yellow


Hatchimals are magical creatures that live inside of eggs. Who�s inside? It�s a surprise! Each egg contains one of two interactive Hatchimals. Love and care for yours inside the egg and its eyes will light up as it makes cute sounds, telling you how it�s feeling! Once you�ve played with it enough, you�ll see rainbow eyes�that means its time to hatch! Hatchimals can�t hatch on their own. Your touch encourages them to peck their way out of the egg! It�s a once-in-a-lifetime experience! Now you get to raise your furry Hatchimal through 3 stages, from baby to toddler, to kid. Your Hatchimal sings �Hatchy Birthday� each time it enters a new stage! Teach yours to walk, dance, play games and more! It will even repeat what you say in its own voice! Hatchimals � who will you hatch? 

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1-who also LOVE eggs. Easter eggs ( ?? )
By Lori Harrison

Ok, so I was one of the first people to actually purchase one of these. At that time, it was $55. And it was as a birthday gift for my niece, who was having a dinosaur party...and who also LOVE eggs. Easter eggs, real chicken eggs, those Shopkin things. She loves opening them and seeing what's inside. So I was so stoked about being the cool aunt who got her this amazing gift. IT NEVER HATCHED! REPEAT. We had to perform a C-Section. We did everything the directions said. And I could hear a gear noise going on inside it like it was TRYING to hatch, but it DIDN'T hatch. It couldn't turn inside like it was supposed to. 
So, at the birthday party, I got on Amazon to read reviews, to see if others had helpful hints, only to discover on that day, that almost EVERY SINGLE REVIEW that had come in on October 24 was the same issue. The silly thing won't hatch. I held off on giving a review that day, because I was pretty upset, and felt kind of childish for having been so excited to watch the thing hatch. 

But today, when a friend of mine posted that these things are now being POACHED, I couldn't keep my mouth shut.....IMAGINE all the Christmas morning disappointment, when the "highlight" gift that Santa brough (and paid $200 for)---won't even perform its most basic function. Buyer beware! I've never written an Amazon review in my life. In fact, I can't recall ever really reviewing much of anything in my life. But I hate the thought of little kids being sad! The toy itself is like a furby---so if that's what you're after----then you'll be happy. (that's why two stars instead of one!)
2-Play lasted about 2 hours before it was "fully grown" ( ?? )
By Heather T

This toy reminds me of a furby, only way more expensive. My daughter chose to spend her birthday money on a hatchimal. I wish I would've told her no. We watched the reviews online that we could find and they all seemed pretty good. Everyone we watched loved theirs. Her pengula hatched in 10 mins and with in 2 hours was "fully grown". So now she said "well what do I do with it now." My daughter is 5 and my son is 10. I paid $67 for a toy that they no longer want to play with and we have only had it for a few hours. The idea of the toy is very cute. I just wish the growing stages lasted more than a few minutes a piece...

3-You are insane of you pay this much! ( ? )
By Amazon Customer

Nope nope nope. My daughter wants one, but for this price.....I will just hot glue a thumb tack on her furbys nose and paper mache it in an egg and she can call it a hatchimal. People want to make money off of kids....and the fact that some parents will actually pay this, ridiculous.

By Nathan

DO NOT BUY THIS! This is being sold by a greedy seller who picked this up at a retail store at its original price. This you is not worth the amount it is being sold for here. The seller is price-gouging and Amazon should honestly prohibit behavior like this. This toy sounds great, but there's only so much your child can do once it hatches. Just wait and the price will go back down and these sellers will be out of however much they spent.

5-Don't buy! ( ? )
By Tampico

It does not work. The thing pecked the egg a few times and then stopped. It's not out of the shell at all and the manual is a piece of trash: a bunch of loose pages out of order that is not helpful.
So far this toy has been more frustrating than fun. Avoid.
My daughter really wanted one but because of people like this she won't get one
By Amazon Customer

Who would pay this much for this?!!! My daughter really wanted one but because of people like this she won't get one. 

6-Don't Understand the Hype ( ? )
By USC90

Hatched in 30 minutes and our kids where done playing with it in less than an hour. We paid $49 at Target. Is probably worth about $20

7-Pass on this toy ( ? )
By AlyssaBrennan

I am writing this review for all the parents who are desperately searching for these for Christmas. Just skip it. I received THREE of these as gifts for my children (Yes, super generous friend!) As other reviewers said, it took 20-30 minutes of rubbing, shaking to get the egg to start to hatch. My kids grew bored/frustrated. When it finally started to hatch there was 30 seconds of elation and excitement. They then grew bored and frustrated gain as it took the bird another 20-30 minutes to peck the egg open. The bird rotates around pecking the egg with its spring enabled beak but it keeps missing sections of the egg and kept rotating to sections that were already cracked. My kids finally "helped" it hatched by ripping off the top of the egg. Once it's hatched it a fairly boring toy and my kids NEVER play with it. For $50 I would invest in a different toy. This is ALL hype. 

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