Hatchimals Draggles Blue/Purple Egg Video Review

Hatchimals are magical creatures that live inside of eggs. Who�s inside? It�s a surprise! Each egg contains one of two interactive Hatchimals. Love and care for yours inside the egg and its eyes will light up as it makes cute sounds, telling you how it�s feeling! Once you�ve played with it enough, you�ll see rainbow eyes�that means its time to hatch! Hatchimals can�t hatch on their own. Your touch encourages them to peck their way out of the egg! It�s a once-in-a-lifetime experience! Now you get to raise your furry Hatchimal through 3 stages, from baby to toddler, to kid. Your Hatchimal sings �Hatchy Birthday� each time it enters a new stage! Teach yours to walk, dance, play games and more! It will even repeat what you say in its own voice! Hatchimals � who will you hatch?



1- ????)
4.0 out of 5 stars Dragon-Penguin hybrid so cute who knew...
When I was a child in the 90's I thought Tamagotchi were actual toys that hatched out of eggs when I first heard of them. This toy is like my childhood dream come true. I found my Penguala egg at a Bj's three days before the release date. It takes 20 to 25 minutes of play to get the egg to hatch. I decided to limit myself as I wanted a slow hatch process. Yesterday my furry fluff ball hatched to reveal a pink and teal penguala. My friend and I helped the little baby along as they didn't seem to making much process and I thought something may be wrong. Come to find out the hatching can take sometime. I feel like it should of been faster as I'm not sure if will hold a child's attention span before handing it off to their parent. I also wish the egg was reusable for re- hatching as the egg stage is adorable. I'd also recommend handling the package carefully if you want to experience the egg stage . I bought a second egg(a draggle this time/a purple draggle) from a Wal-mart. When I got it home and removed it from the package it started hatching.

After the hatching is over there is still play value there as the toy grows from a baby all way into a child. You can also reset the toy if you want to start at the baby stage again. It also learns new things and games as they progress to the next stage. There is also a feature where you can half the volume if to loud for your tastes. It has an on/off switch too.

2- Julie Bug  (?????)

Colby loves it !

I should say my Grandson loved it ! 
He wanted a Hatchimals Draggle - Green/Blue toy for his 5th birthday. 
This is the muched asked for present this year by boys and girls. 
It is kind of like the Furby that his mother wanted when she was a child, 
lol. I hope it lives up to his expectations.

3- Carol ( ?????)

Hatchimal was a hit !!

Bought this for my 7 year old granddaughter for her birthday. All the kids at the party were 
anxiously awaiting its arrival and had to help by petting and massaging. It took about an hour
which I think was too long. But she totally loved it.

4- Parent Reviewon ( ?????)

Hatchimal was a hit !!

We received the Hatchimal today and it is so cute! It didn't take long before it was ready to hatch, I'd say approximately 10mins. As my daughter does not know how to read yet she couldn't read the instructions, she kept having to ask me what she should do every time it's eyes changed color. Hatching took another 10mins or so. 
Although she loves it, her attention toward it definitely dissipated once it had hatched. Overall I would say it is a really cute toy but definitely worth no more than the $59 and change we paid for it. I know it will be one of the hot toys this Christmas and people will overprice them. Don't fall for it! A con I would say is that it hatches really quick
5- Angela ( ?????)

Hatchimal was a hit !!

I ordered one of these for my daughter who's still fond of her Furby she's had since she was younger. These looked a whole lot cuter and like something she'd really like, so I bought her one and intended it to be a Christmas present.

When it arrived it came on a day when I had other packages delivered as well and I had forgotten it would be in one of the boxes. So it got opened and my daughter (and son) both saw it. Their eyes lit up when they saw it was a Hatchimal. They knew exatly what it was and were eager to open it up and see it for themselves. They had heard about them but never seen one in person yet.

The egg is huge and looks really cool. Like a dinosaur or ostrich is going to come popping out of it. After playing around with it a little, my kids got it to start hatching. It's by no means a quick process, but with glowing eyes peeking through the holes it punches in the egg, it's pretty entertaining. At some point they pulled the top of the egg off and pulled out the most adorable little fuzzy bird like creature.

Since then the two of them have both been playing with it to see what all they can teach it do. The Hatchimals grow in stages. So they don't start doing everything they can do all at once right out of the egg. They start out as if they are babies and mostly want to be fed and cuddled. At some point they start grow up and learn things, like walking, dancing, playing games and such. The more time you spend with them the more they learn and you can unlock new things they can do. The Hatchimal turned out to be a huge hit with both my kids!


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